Privacy & Confidentiality in Heath Care

Privacy & Confidentiality in Heath Care

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Updated Oct 14, 2019

Course Description

  • Aged Care Quality Standards ACQS 1
  • National Standards for Disability Services NSDS 1

In this course you will learn the difference between privacy and confidentiality and what it means for you as a healthcare worker. What information that you receive from your client can be shared and with whom? If you have been given confidential information, there may be some legal exceptions where confidentiality is not possible. What ere these exceptions? Who should you discuss this with and what are your obligations? These are some of the topics covered in this award winning course that every healthcare worker should be familiar with.

Course Summary

In this course the following areas will be covered:

  • What is privacy and what is confidentiality
  • What information is considered confidential
  • When is confidentiality not possible?
  • What must be reported?
  • Taking care not to share confidential information unintentionally
  • Your legal obligations
  • What actions can be taken to protect confidential information

Business Outcomes

The organisation will ensure that client’s privacy and confidentiality needs are met and that all staff will have a good understanding of what information is confidential and when confidentiality must be breached for legal reasons to protect the client.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to…

  • Describe what confidentiality and privacy are
  • Identify what information is considered confidential
  • Identify the events that allow a breach in confidentiality
  • Describe who should a breach of confidentiality be reported to and when
  • Recognise the legal obligations
  • List ways of protecting sensitive information

This course was part of a suite that won a 2019 Platinum LearnX Live! Award.