Preventing Workplace Harassment (Supervisor Advanced)

Preventing Workplace Harassment (Supervisor Advanced)

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Updated Jun 01, 2018

Company leaders must take special care to be fully aware of policies and set a strong positive example for their direct reports. This advanced supervisor course accommodates the two hours of harassment training required by California (AB 1825/AB 2053) as well as the Connecticut and Maine requirements for supervisors. In this course supervisors will learn about their special role in the organization how to spot and report violations of the respectful workplace policy how to handle complaints and how to reach out for assistance when needed. This HTML5-based iPad-compatible course uses high-quality video and real-world simulations to teach best practices for preventing workplace harassment. The H149 course includes case studies and topics such as protected characteristics severe or pervasive harassment sexual harassment sexual orientation supervisory harassment preventing common mistakes familiarity acceptable use and monitoring policies disclosure requirements workplace relationships enforcing policy reporting known or possible violations setting goals and expectations active listening avoiding favoritism addressing gossip in the workplace social media and more.