Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

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Updated Jun 01, 2018

A positive work environment free of harassment is not only required by law it is good for business in terms of employee morale productivity and long term success. This course is designed to help supervisors develop and maintain a positive workplace environment proactively respond to inappropriate employee behavior comply with laws regulations and policies as well as how to respond if they feel they are the target of workplace harassment. This version of H-110 includes technical safeguards to ensure supervisors complete 80-90 minutes of training. Combined with H-115-C this ensures supervisors receive two full hours of training per California (AB 1825 / AB 2053) Connecticut and Maine requirements. The H110C course includes topics such as Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment hostile work environments patterns of conduct verbal Harassment physical harassment inappropriate contact inappropriate electronic communications unwelcomed behavior zero tolerance investigations and more.