Presentation Building Block 04: Time Matters

Presentation Building Block 04: Time Matters

SmartMouth Communications
Updated Sep 19, 2019


It's important to know that in public speaking, audiences' size you up more quickly than you might think. Plus, they don't have endless attention spans. This micro-learning module covers the 8:18 rule – an important metric to consider when thinking about how to build your speech or presentation around your audience's ability to pay attention and retain what you say. Check outSmartMouth'sSpeechBuildertool, which is an added resource in every course. TheSpeechBuilderprompts you to fill in the blanks and create either an outline or a full presentation. It's a paint-by-numbers solution for public speakers!

Course Objectives

  • Defines the 8:18 rule of presentation preparation.
  • Describes how to apply the 8:18 rule when preparing a presentation.
  • Reinforces that the most effective presentations are constructed around an audience attention and retention.