Preparing for My Appraisal - Interactive

Preparing for My Appraisal - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 10, 2020

Be proactive about your development. Prepare for your appraisal. This interactive course is designed to help anyone wanting to boost their career and do better at work. Practical advice and a humors touch make this an enjoyable learning experience.

Casey and Tammy are nervous about their performance reviews especially after Tammys last encounter with Carol. Knowing that Dion is about to undergo the same Marcus offers him some tips about knowing your goals where youve progressed and how you wish to move forward. Sam stresses the importance that being proactive communicates to a manager that a person is self-motivated. Having a brag list is beneficial: you can demonstrate what youve accomplished including awards and various ways you monetize your value to the company. Serena adds that people going into performance appraisals should also have a good sense of where they need to improve. Carol stresses the importance of not being defensive and the need to appreciate that people are making time to help you improve.

Key Learning Points

  • Don’t wing it INSTEAD: Review your development goals
  • Don’t be laid back INSTEAD: Be proactive with career goals
  • Don’t expect praise INSTEAD: Work out your brag list
  • Don’t get defensive INSTEAD: Be open to feedback

Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown starring Emmy-award winning Kim Estes. This powerful training series follows several characters as they battle challenges, negotiate conflicts and learn from mistakes about professionalism, leadership, communication and safety. This Australian produced series was filmed on location in Los Angeles.