Positive Atmosphere: Establishing an Engaged Workforce

Positive Atmosphere: Establishing an Engaged Workforce

Positive work environments boost productivity, encourage creativity, and help you retain your most talented employees. This course explores how you can build a positive work environment in your organisation by establishing an engaged workforce. You will learn effective ways to build employee engagement including driving motivation, tackling commitment challenges, and reducing employee turnover.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
An engaged workforce creates a positive work environment that boosts productivity, encourages creativity, and helps you engage and retain talented employees. This in turn will make your organization more profitable and innovative, and will strengthen your employees’ work ethic. In this course, you'll learn about the benefits of engaging your workforce and of establishing a positive work culture. You'll learn how to recognize common qualities of engaged employees, understand what drives employee motivation, and recognize commitment challenges. You'll also learn how employee engagement links to the bottom line by reducing turnover.