Phone Skills - Hold the Line Please

Phone Skills - Hold the Line Please

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 28, 2019

Course Overview 

As a customer, one of the most frustrating aspects of a phone call can be when you are placed “on hold”. Its during these times that the caller feels like they have lost complete control of the call and when seconds can seem like an eternity.

Learning Objectives 

These moments can greatly impact on the impression an organisation leaves with a caller. In this video, viewers will learn:

  • A simple and effective list of prerequisites when putting callers on hold
  • How to improve the impression you make on your caller

Target Audience 

Target audience is everyone answering telephone calls in your business.

Business Outcomes  

There are going to be times when callers to your business just have to be put on hold.  To have a skilled workforce and a simple set of rules to follow, your telephone people can do this smoothly and effectively.


 4 Minutes