Personality Clash - Difficult People and Situations Series

Personality Clash - Difficult People and Situations Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 08, 2019

Learn how to open discussion where feedback is welcomed and differences open for discussion in order to build effective working relationships.

In this case study, Anne and Kim are very different culturally and in their work styles. Kim is annoyed by Anne's attitude, insensitive comments and fashion clothes.

Anne, who is new, feels that Kim does not fit in well, and is frustrated by her messy desk and personal hygiene issues. Their relationship is spinning out of control. Anne takes the lead and sets up an open discussion where they give each other feedback, discuss their differences and come to a resolution for an effective working relationship.

This is broken into two sections to accelerate understanding:

  • Part 1 - Communication Breakdown
  • Part 2 - Feedback and Resolution

Learning Objectives:

Diversity and different work styles can often lead to disagreements and a clash of personalities. Giving and receiving feedback is a major element in successful conflict resolution but can only exist with open communication. Learn how to keep communications line open and effectively manage disagreements with this program.

Key Learning Points

  1. Start positively
  2. Acknowledge past without blame
  3. Establish goal for effective communication
  4. Give positive feedback
  5. Start with specific issue
  6. Listen and acknowledge
  7. Agree and move on to next item
  8. Make practical suggestions
  9. Be calm and explain why
  10. Provide encouragement
  11. Be sensitive with hygiene feedback
  12. Explain carefully
  13. Ask for feedback
  14. Listen and acknowledge
  15. Apologize for inappropriate actions
  16. Remain calm and open
  17. Offer to change
  18. Thank for feedback
  19. Summarize and praise
  20. Reinforce goals and actions for future

Target Audience

Ideal for managers and staff at all levels for use in staff meetings, development sessions, and training workshops.