Perfect Passwords

Perfect Passwords

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Updated Aug 01, 2019

A good password is like a good bouncer - the right people get past, the wrong people have to try somewhere else.

But, even though your password is often the only thing blocking a whole tidal wave of fraud, mischief and headaches (both for you personally and your organisation), it might shock you to learn that guessing a password is much, much easier than you might think.

Organisations of all sizes- perfect for end users who use any form of IT equipment e.g. computers

Protect authorised access by learning:

  • Why you should never disclose your passwords to anyone.
  • How single words, names or keyboard patterns, such as ‘qwerty’, are easy for cybercriminals to guess.
  • Why you should avoid reusing or recycling passwords.
  • Why strong passwords are as long as possible, have a collection of random dictionary words with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • How you can use a reputable password manager to keep your passwords secure in a lockable location which only you have access.
  • Let’s get started!