Pathways - Managing Change - The Personal Change Journey

Pathways - Managing Change - The Personal Change Journey

All of us will experience some form of change in our professional lives throughout our careers. This course equips you with techniques to manage change by teaching you about the change curve. By learning about the different stages of dealing with major changes, you will better understand how to manage your own reaction to change and develop the skills to quickly adapt to new situations.

Updated Nov 08, 2018

Course Content

  • Scenario and analysis
  • Scenarios 1 – 6
  • Action plan
  • Follow-up

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to take responsibility for your own emotions
  • Accept other people’s emotions
  • Stop trying to control everything
  • Accept and enjoy change
  • Understand the stages of change
  • Become proactive and get involved in your change journey

Course Overview

This course looks at the common reactions to change, as expressed in the change curve – shock & denial, blame & self-doubt, letting go and problem solving & integration. It explores how best to deal with each phase of the curve.

Course Duration

 25 - 30 minutes