Partnering to Heal: Teaming up against Healthcare Associated Infections

Partnering to Heal: Teaming up against Healthcare Associated Infections

WILL Interactive
Updated Oct 14, 2020

Winner of the Best Interactive Training Program of the Year by the Horizon Awards and the Award of Excellence in Multimedia Education for Health and Wellness by the Communicator Awards, Partnering to Heal addresses the prevention of healthcare associated infections and the serious consequences they have on hundreds of thousands of lives every year. With Medicaid and Medicare dramatically lowering the payment rates for extended stays and re-admissions due to HAIs, preventable infections take a serious financial toll on healthcare institutions as well.

Designed specifically for healthcare professionals and medical and nursing students, Partnering to Heal is a video-based simulation experience where users assume the role of five different hospital employees who must work together as a team to reduce HAIs and improve patient outcomes. Users make the decisions for these five playable characters and experience the consequences of their choices in a real-world healthcare setting.

Based on a proven effective experiential learning methodology, this unique, interactive simulation seeks to improve patient outcomes, increase teamwork among healthcare professionals, and improve quality of care.