Parental Leave

Parental Leave

ERS Academy
Updated Apr 30, 2020

The National Employment Standards (NES) are 10 minimum employment entitlements that have to be provided to all employees in the National System.

The NES entitlements include access to parental leave.

  • Understand the NES entitlement to unpaid parental leave;
  • Understand employer & employee obligations prior to the commencement of parental leave;
  • Understand employer & employee obligations about transferring an employee to a safe job;
  • Understand the requirements for hiring a replacement employee;
  • Understand employer & employee obligations of adoption leave and special unpaid maternity leave;
  • Understand employer obligations to manage the Paid Parental Leave Scheme;
  • Understand employer consultation obligations during the parental leave period;
  • Understand employer and employee responsibilities when returning early or extending period of leave;
  • Understand the Return to Work Guarantee.

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