Oxyacetylene Welding (OAW)

Oxyacetylene Welding (OAW)

Updated Jan 27, 2021

 After this lesson, you will be able to describe oxyacetylene welding (OAW) techniques. You will also be able to discuss the design and function of components and apparatus used in the OAW process.

• Describe the principles behind oxyacetylene welding (OAW) operations

• Identify and describe commonly used OAW equipment

• Outline the procedure to light an oxyacetylene torch

• Explain how to adjust the flame on an oxyacetylene welding torch

• Describe the characteristics of an oxyacetylene flame

• Discuss oxyacetylene flame control

• Outline the procedure to shut off an oxyacetylene torch

• Describe OAW techniques