Outdoor Worker Safety - Fatigue Management

Outdoor Worker Safety - Fatigue Management

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 21, 2019

Course Overview 

Fatigue and insufficient sleep can put health at risk in many ways. Not only can it impact on the immune system, it can cause a loss of alertness, which in turn will affect judgment, reactions, skill levels and safety. In fact, many safety incidents in the workplace are directly attributed to fatigue.

Learning Objectives 

The learning outcomes for this fatigue management video includes:

  • Factors that can cause fatigue
  • Warning signs of fatigue
  • A heightened awareness of the body clock and rest breaks

Target Audience 

Although very much an Outdoor Worker presentation, this video should be shown to your entire workforce.

Business Outcomes  

The benefits of having a workforce who are able to recognise fatigue and take steps to prevent it are immeasurable and provide for a healthier and safer workplace.


4 Minutes