Open disclosure for clinicians and managers (NSQHS: S1)

Open disclosure for clinicians and managers (NSQHS: S1)

Health Staff Ed
Updated Jun 26, 2019

Course Overview

Incorporating all the requirements of the national framework for open disclosure in healthcare, this interactive course will equip nurses, midwives and managers with a practical understanding of when and how to apply an open disclosure framework.

This course has been written by healthcare content experts and has been peer reviewed.

Target Audience

Nurses, midwives and managers

Learning Objectives

Participants will have an in depth understanding of their role in open disclosure when an event occurs that results in harm to a patient. Managers and clinicians will each understand their role and be able to perform every step required in the process towards resolution between the health consumer, clinicians and providers.

Business Outcomes

Incorporating all the requirements and recommendations
of NSQHS standard 1, this robust and comprehensive course empowers clinicians
and managers with the learning required to initiate an open disclosure process.