OneNote 2016

OneNote 2016

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Updated Sep 09, 2018

Who it's For:

OneNote is for everyone. Anyone who is interested in organizing and managing their world, personally or professionally, will find benefits in this series.

What it is:

OneNote is Microsoft’s digital notebook solution. With easy-to-use note taking tools and information-management features, professionals everywhere are using it in lieu of clunky notebooks or less flexible work processing applications.

What You'll Learn:

Learn about the amazing integration between OneNote and the rest of the digital world. Users in this series will learn how to create and collaborate on notebooks both in and out of the office. They’ll develop strategies on when to create sections rather than pages and utilize and even build their own templates. Most importantly, users will learn to think of OneNote as a notebook without the limitations of a physical one.

Time to Complete:

116 Minutes