Office Manager Interview - Selection Interview Skills Series

Office Manager Interview - Selection Interview Skills Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 11, 2019

Simon interviews Ben for the role of Office Manager, and uses a range of traditional, situational and behavioural questions to assess his suitability. Simon probes for specific details and responds to questions from Ben. Simon reviews Ben's performance.

Young job seeker with no experience, unemployed or wanting a better job? Find out what to expect like question types, panels, role plays, work tests and even group challenges. Key Learning Points Interviewer –not always one person!  Resume – bring a copy!  Presentation – no warning!  Group Interviews – not always individual!   Work Test – perform a role play!  Weaknesses – not only strengths!  Proof of Claims – even income!  Behavioural Questions- be prepared! Know the Business- do your research! More Interviews – not just one! Reference Checks – can make a difference! Work Trial – great first step!   Prepare Questions – and ask them!

Key Learning Points

A full realistic case study demonstrating a wide range of question types with a good role model for assessment of skills during an interview.

This video is part of the Selection Interview Skills Series. A practical series of programs for anyone involved in interviewing. A wide range of case studies will provide useful examples for evaluation, discussion and exploration of key skills. Ideal for managers, team leaders, consultants and trainers.

Target Audience
Community, Youth, All staff