Office Ergonomics (UK)

Office Ergonomics (UK)

Updated Nov 19, 2019

A recent ergonomics study found that on average, adults spent roughly 39 hours per week at work — with people employed in more sedentary occupations spending 22 hours a week sitting. It's frightening to think that with incorrect ergonomics, people are slowly but surely damaging their bodies for over 1000 hours on any year. Well fear not, because we've got our best man (or dummy) on the case!

Follow Crash T. Dummy as he puts his body on the line so we don't have to. Welcome to Undercover Dummy: Office Ergonomics.

The ViaUp Office Ergonomics course will teach you:

• The risks associated with poor ergonomics

• How to correctly set up your workstation to prevent injury, and

• The simple exercises you can do throughout the day to keep you healthy and active