Office 2013 - Outlook Intermediate - Outlook Views

Office 2013 - Outlook Intermediate - Outlook Views

Jenison ELearning
Updated Nov 09, 2018

Learning Objectives

1. Use the View tab
2. Use Built-in Views
3. Set Custom Views
4. Sort Messages
5. Apply and Remove a Filter

Course Overview

  • The View tab has replaced the Advanced Toolbar and all its functions.
  • Use the commands in the Layout group to alter the way Outlook is displayed. You can also use the To Do Bar button to expand or 
  • collapse the To Do Bar.
  • The commands in the Current View group on the View tab allow you to change the view to a preset view or create your own.
  • Set your personal view using the Manage Views command on the Change View button. This opens a Manage All Views dialog box, select New then set up a new view in the Create a New View dialog box.
  • Sort messages by opening the Manage All Views dialog box, select your View, open Advanced View Settings using the Modify button and choose Sort. When the Sort dialog box opens you can change your sort settings to suit your needs.
  • Selecting Filter from the Advanced View Settings allows you to choose how to filter the sorted emails.
  • Clear your settings by selecting the Reset View button in the Current View group.

Course Duration

40 minutes