Office 2013 - Excel Intermediate - Creating Charts

Office 2013 - Excel Intermediate - Creating Charts

Updated Nov 09, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the function of charts
  • Create charts 
  • Select the data range 
  • Resizeand Move a chart 
  • Change the chart type 
  • Select chart objects 
  • Edit a chart 
  • Preview and print a chart
  • Save or delete a chart
  • Use the range finder

Course Overview

  • You create charts by selecting the data and clicking on the command for the type of chart you want from the Chart Group on the Insert tab.
  • The chart can be either embedded on the active worksheet or located on a separate worksheet.
  • Changes can only be made to a chart when it is activated and displays selection handles around its edges.
  • You can re-size a chart by dragging its selection handles. Use the Chart Type button to change to a different chart type.
  • To print the chart on its own page, select it before using the Print command.
  • The Range Finder automatically outlines the ranges that have been applied to the chart Data.