Office 2010 - Outlook Beginners - Outlook Folders

Office 2010 - Outlook Beginners - Outlook Folders

Updated Nov 07, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • View messages in the Inbox 
  • Use the AutoPreview Feature 
  • Use the Reading Pane
  • Open the Calendar 
  • Use the Contacts List
  • Define and edit a Task
  • Plan a Meeting 
  • Use the Notes feature
  • Move through the Folders list

Course Overview

  • Outlook opens with the Inbox by default so all your emails are displayed in the Message List. Clicking on a message will display its contents in the Reading Pane or AutoPreview will display the first three lines in the Message List.
  • Use the Change View button in the Current View group on the View tab to open a list of view options. 
  • Double-clicking an email opens it in a separate window with its own message tab.
  • Open the Calendar by clicking on the Calendar button in the Navigation Pane. 
  • Clicking on the Contacts button opens a list of your contacts in Business Card format. 
  • Tasks are held in the Task Folder; double-clicking a task opens the Task form and allows you to make changes.
  • Open the New Meeting option from the button in the New Group on the Home tab. When the Meeting form opens fill in the details of your meeting.
  • Use Notes by clicking on the Notes icon on the Navigation Pane.
  • Use the Navigation Pane to move through the Folders list. You can open the Navigation Pane with the Folders button at the lower left of the window.