Observation and Analysis for Trainee Educators - Charlie & Jack

Observation and Analysis for Trainee Educators - Charlie & Jack

International Child Care College
Updated Oct 14, 2019

Observation and analysis of observations can be difficult skills for trainee educators to master. This module allows students to develop and practice their observation skills by watching a video of 18 month olds Charlie and Jack interacting with their educator Kate.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for new and trainee educators, as well as students who would like to become early childhood educators and want a better understanding of what the role entails. 

The course is also suitable for educators seeking professional development, or for early childhood services wanting to provide holistic professional development for staff members. 

Learning Objectives

  • To practice observation skills, this time by observing two children and an educator
  • To practice writing down what observations and keeping them simple and objective
  • To practice your analysis and interpretation skills
  • Why referring to developmental charts can simplify the process
  • Why interpretations need to be objective and free from judgement
  • To review what they know about Charlie and Jack
  • To plan simple goals and activities to support and extend the children’s development
  • How the educator can support the children during the activity to achieve their goals