Negotiating Skills: Sealing the Deal

Negotiating Skills: Sealing the Deal

Walkgrove Admin
Updated Feb 20, 2019

Course Overview 

Increasing your bargaining power. 

How comfortable to you feel in a bargaining situation? Do you give in too often and come way the loser? Then try this topic to pick up tips to improve your bargaining confidence and competence.

Target Audience 

Great for junior and aspiring managers and for individuals who would like to work on their professional personal development.

Learning Objectives 

  • Explain how to value assets realistically
  • Describe how to find trade-offs when bargaining
  • Identify your ideal outcome when bargaining
  • Explain the effect of power balance when bargaining
  • Explain how to manage the commitment to the deal

Business Outcomes  

Improved negotiating skills


15 Minutes