Negotiating for Success - Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series

Negotiating for Success - Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Feb 13, 2019

Steve suggests knowing your bottom line position but also knowing what to give way on and by how much. Serena and Marcus practice negotiating on another the wild Cutting Edge initiative: Bidet Day. Sam negotiates his employment contract with Casey, who accedes to all his demands. Carol by contrast is tough when Sam negotiates with her. At all times, Steve advises staying positive and assured, even when the outcome is not all that youd hoped for.

Key Learning Points

Determine what’s most important to you both. Work together to achieve that result.


  • Don’t overlook preparation
    INSTEAD: Determine your position
  • Don’t bully or overreact
    INSTEAD: Listen positively and acknowledge
  • Don’t assume it will be unpleasant
    INSTEAD: Engage, enjoy, give and take
  • Don’t beg, plead or threaten
    INSTEAD: Stay positive and resilient

Comedy makes learning fun

This course is part of the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series, created by Psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown, starring Emmy-award winning Kim Estes. A powerful training series covering topics every workplace needs to address. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone.

Cutting Edge Communication follows several characters through a landscape of social faux pas, insult and embarrassment. This series will amaze and enter-train, covering important lessons in human interaction, motivation, leadership, service, unprofessional behavior, apologizing, negotiating, stress, difficult people among many other workplace hot button issues.

Everyone will laugh and learn with these short episodes that highlight dos and don'ts. This Australian produced series was filmed on location in Los Angeles.