Motors: Routine Checks

Motors: Routine Checks

Human Logic
Updated Sep 25, 2019

Course Overview

  • Introduction
  • Breaker Maintenance
  • Cable Termination
  • Grounding
  • Physical Checks
  • Coupling and Coupling Guards
  • Fan Cover
  • Base Plate Bolts
  • Check for Adequate Cooling
  • Oil Level in Bearings
  • Direction of Rotation Whenever a Terminal is Removed
  • Ensuring Motor Functioning Below Full Load
  • Check for Abnormal Noise
  • Check for Vibration
  • Check for Temperature
  • Check for Motor Current
  • Check for Abnormal Smell
  • Rotor Testing
  • Insulation Resistance Test and Stator Testing

Target Audience

Oil & Gas and Manufacturing Industries

Learning Objectives

  • Explain routine checks to be carried out before starting a motor after maintenance
  • Describe routine checks to be carried out during normal operation