Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 27, 2019

Course Overview 

Money defines who we are, where we go and what we do. Have you ever stopped to think about the role that money plays in your life and where you would be if you had more of it or none at all? This video is aimed at helping you look more closely at your potential and how the things you do at work or in your personal life can help you achieve financial success. But it not just about monetary success, imagine the values you will hold if you were to make a fortune, then give it all away and start from scratch. It’s about goal setting, it’s about achieving your dream and it’s about becoming a greater person in the process.

Learning Objectives 

 In this video, viewers will learn:

  • The huge amount of potential each of us possesses;
  • The importance of goal setting;
  • Its not the material possession that has the greatest value once you’ve achieved a goal, it’s the person you had to become to achieve it.

Target Audience 

 Target audience is everyone.

Business Outcomes  

A positive outlook on life can definitely determine your work output and the successes you share.


5 Minutes