Mobility and Dexterity - Aged Care Quality Standard 3

Mobility and Dexterity - Aged Care Quality Standard 3

Learn about the risks and importance of mobility for older people and some activities and exercise that support it

Aged Care Learning Solutions
Updated May 16, 2019

This course covers the following:

  • Promoting independence
  • Exercise and activity
  • Mobility aids and equipment
  • Dexterity aids and equipment

Business Objectives

Staying mobile is an important part of maintaining independence and maintaining dignity. There are many reasons that a person may have issues mobilising or performing dextrous tasks like personal hygiene and it is important to be aware of risk factors and responses to these issues. This learning activity engages the learner with the importance of mobility for promoting enablement as well as exercise and activity for supporting mobility. Mobility and dexterity aids are introduced and safety issues addressed. Mobility and Dexterity aligns to Standard 3 of the Aged Care Quality Standards.


This learning activity is for Aged Care workers