Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness in the Workplace

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Updated Jun 26, 2019

We’ve all had the experience of feeling scattered, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed at work. Maybe you’re inundated with projects or feel a sense of demotivation to complete assignments. Directly linked to motivation in the workplace is what is known as mindfulness. This is our ability to stay focused yet flexible and is a way of reprogramming the mind to think in a healthier, less stressful way. It is not uncommon for mindfulness to take a turn when things feel hectic at work, which may be related to tight deadlines, or other life events.

How can you take action on practicing mindfulness? First, streamline your focus at work to facilitate optimum efficiency. You can achieve this by doing things such as preparing daily tasks, knowing what calls you have coming up for the day and what meetings and projects need to be completed. Next, apply mindfulness meditation into your day. You can do this through apps such as Headspace, which has bite-sized reflections for busy schedules explicitly tailored for many different scenarios. Last, try performing “work intervals” after executing on a task or project for an extended period. Allow yourself 10 minutes to step away. This practice refocuses your mind so that you can come back to the project feeling rejuvenated.

These are just a few tangible examples of ways you can practice mindfulness at home and in the office. Enrol in this course to discover additional benefits of infusing mindfulness into your every day to boost efficiency at work!