Millennials: Understand what Motivates Them

Millennials: Understand what Motivates Them

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 11, 2019

Course Overview

Millennials not only want to do well, that they want to be seen to do well. Peter Quarry’s suggestions include harnessing their competitive instincts, enabling a culture of gamification and collaboration, and ensuring they are noticed by providing plenty of ongoing feedback. Engagement and a fluid work environment are key to success.

To bring out the best in millennials, Peter Quarry recommends that managers encourage their competitive and praise-seeking qualities, as well promoting a collaborative, fun, project-filled environment.

Learning Objectives

Millennials are often brought up to feel special so it’s useful to:

  • Encourage their curiosity
  • Give them lots of feedback
  • Allow them to work on projects and in teams
  • Appeal to their competitiveness
  • Promote collaboration and reverse mentoring

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry