Millennials: Appreciate their Unique Strengths

Millennials: Appreciate their Unique Strengths

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 10, 2019

Course Overview

Peter Quarry and Eve Ash discuss how stereotypes about millennials are misleading and unhelpful. They cite a White House report on millennials which found that millennials have in fact been brought up to be assertive, collaborative, welcome feedback and skilled in their use and adoption of technology.

Rather than perceiving millennials as impatient, lazy and entitled, Peter Quarry suggests people view them as determined, diverse and skilled with technology.

Learning Objectives

Millennials are:

  • Independent thinkers
  • Confident 
  • Comfortable with diversity
  • Express their feelings
  • Passionate
  • Collaborative
  • Assertive in their beliefs

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry