Microsoft® Word 2013 Essentials

Microsoft® Word 2013 Essentials

Updated Jul 11, 2019

Course Overview

Word has gone through such a major makeover with its 2013 version, you need this video as a tour guide. And once you learn the new tools, you won’t be able to wait to use them to streamline your workload and power-up your documents. Tracking changes, time-saving formatting, embedding videos, adding richer comments, using reading mode and so much more — your word documents are in for a heavy-duty upgrade. 


  • Taking a tour of the updated interface and Navigation panel
  • Working smarter and faster with styles and themes
  • Mastering lists—from simple bullets to TOCs and indexes
  • Making your documents come alive with special effects

Training Level : Beginner to Intermediate

Sessions Include

1. What’s New in 2013
2. Formatting Secrets
3. Working With Styles
4. Shortcuts
5. Working With Lists
6. Tables
7. Graphic Displays
8. Tracking Changes 
9. Headers, Bibliographies and Indexes
10. Creating Fill-in-the-Blank Forms