Microsoft Outlook 2016: Beginner to Intermediate Training

Microsoft Outlook 2016: Beginner to Intermediate Training

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Updated Sep 02, 2019

Course Overview

This course guides you through Microsoft Outlook and looks into the practical application of its numerous functionalities. The video lessons touch on several topics such as Outlook's interface, Account Management, Sending E-mails, and other Mailing functionalities. Besides that, we will discuss how to use the Calendar Manager.

Finally, we will focus on how to organize multiple tasks and we will show you some tips and tricks that will improve your performance in Outlook. Specializing in these topics will have a great impact on your career because employers consider this software a necessary pre-requisite before selecting you for a given job.

Target Audience

  • New users of Microsoft Outlook
  • Intermediate users of Outlook
  • Everybody who wants to improve their performance and productivity at work
  • Everybody who wants to learn some productivity tips that save a lot of time

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to manage your emails, calendar events, contacts and tasks
  • Learn Outlook’s most valuable communication tools
  • Practice with hands-on exercises and quizzes
  • Acquire handy tips and tricks that can be applied in a professional environment