Memorable Customer Service - The Customer Focused Person

Memorable Customer Service - The Customer Focused Person

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Updated Sep 01, 2020

Research, prior to social media, showed that satisfied customers used to tell between 3 to 8 people when they’ve had a great experience with a company.

On the other side, where a customer has had a bad experience, in years gone by, they would tell 10 to 20 people of that bad experience. Those figures could be multiplied many times over now with the advent and ease of social media.

This Customer Focused Person training video is an easy to follow look at the value of each customer interaction you might have on a daily basis.

Learning Objectives

After watching this video, you will be able to identify what it takes to be a customer focused person and recognise the importance of looking after your internal clients as well as your external ones.

Target Audience

All staff in your organisation who come into contact with your customers.