Mastering Node.js

Mastering Node.js

Packt Admin
Updated Dec 19, 2018

Node.js is a modern web framework that allows you to build rich applications. As a developer, you need to know just one programming language to build an application that can be executed anywhere, be it the server, console, browser, or on your mobile phone.This course begins with explaining how Node.js works and what its architecture is all about. You will then learn to create your first Node.js application and also create a command line tool for Node.js. Next, you will learn how to work with commander.js and use the event emitter because events are a powerful extension that can be used in our application.The course will then teach you to use and define streams and transformers, after which you will be skilled to build a web server with Express.js. This will be followed by taking you through how to read, write, and manipulate files in the file system with Node.js. You will even learn how to create micro services with the loopback API framework and Seneca.js, post which we will scale our node.js application and test our code. Finally, you will complete your learning journey by using these APIs to create a web server, access file system, and create real-time interactions. 

Target Audience

Developers that already know how to programme with JavaScript and want to know more about Node.js. 

Business Outcomes

  • Discover how Node.js is using Google V8 engine to bring JavaScript to the server.
  • Learn how Node.js is working so you can use that knowledge in your advance.
  • A deep understand how to use the node.js api’s to build enterprise grade applications.