Mastering Malware

Mastering Malware

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Updated Aug 01, 2019

Malware attacks are similar to real-world illnesses. You need to have your jabs and be protected to combat infection just like how you need up-to-date antivirus software to stop malware such as viruses, trojans and ransomware.

Stay protected and ready to fight malware attacks when they strike you unexpectedly.

Organisations of all sizes- perfect for end users who use any form of IT equipment e.g. computers.

Mastering malware comes with constant focus, get into the required mindset by learning:

  • Where cybercriminals are most likely to strike with malware.
  • How to identify different types of malware on your system.
  • How to handle malware.
  • How to prevent malware from accessing your system.
  • Why you should report and log malware attacks.
  • Let’s get started and master that malware!

Business Outcomes

  • Helps to acheive compliance with ISO27001
  • Creates a strong human firewall
  • Influences behavioural change.
  • Keeps employees compliant.