Managing Virtual Teams: Techniques and Best Practices

Managing Virtual Teams: Techniques and Best Practices

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Updated Sep 04, 2018
A key tool enabling global businesses to keep pace, remain competitive, and be profitable is the virtual team. Managing virtual teams is a skill that many leaders struggle with. This course will offer insights and best practices to help managers deal with challenges and maximize their teams true potential. The first major section outlines the major teaching points. Next, the course delves into the concept of "connection" and how this differs from a team manager's role in the past. This section is followed by one that lays out the process and tasks for setting up a virtual team. After the mid-review questions, the course material drills down into the critical elements for establishing team trust and accountability, including areas for potential conflict and what deliverable management and sustainable CPR entails. Next, team-building activities are covered. The last section provides insight into what the future may hold in store for virtual teams.