Managing Stress (Part 3 of 6): How to Reduce Anxiety

Managing Stress (Part 3 of 6): How to Reduce Anxiety

Updated Jan 02, 2019
Welcome to the "Managing Stress" series. "How to Reduce Anxiety," the third lesson of six, is designed to help you ignore what you have no control over, minimize your worry, and address what you CAN handle. No matter what kind of role you play within your organization, stress is inevitable. But, it’s not something that has to be put up with. Organizations can reduce workplace stressors for their employees, and employees can minimize their stress even when they're in a stressful environment. This six-part series will teach you how to handle the normal stress of daily work and give you tips on how to remove the causes of debilitating stress. The series list is included as a reference to the suggested viewing order.