Managing Stress In The Digital Age

Managing Stress In The Digital Age

Ben Hedley,Expert Academy,Katie Mason
Updated Feb 12, 2021

Find Your Balance & Increase The Joy In Your Life

About The Course

Do you find it hard to manage stress? Do you often feel anxious? Do you something feel as if your smartphone is becoming your best friend?

Though we are not always aware, technology - and particularly smartphone usage - can considerably impact our stress levels.

Research shows that the more we use our smartphones the more our stress levels rise, so this course, Managing Stress In The Digital Age, has been specifically designed for anyone looking to regulate stress, find balance and increase their joy.

You will learn the basics of how and why digital notification can create stress. You'll identify your stressors, learn how to set healthy tech boundaries, clear your inbox and declutter your online life, and we'll look at the importance of a 'digital detox' and how you can do it with ease.

Are you ready to feel joy every day no matter what kind of day you have had? To live life more consciously and know you can manage your daily stressors easily. Let's get started!

Your Instructor

Cara de Lange is a wellbeing consultant, an international burnout expert, speaker and founder and author of Softer Success, empowering some of the world’s leading organisations and their employees to proactively prevent burnout.

Cara’s powerful programme Prevent Burnout, Find Balance enables individual clients and corporate teams to create a more harmonious, peaceful and productive life.

Cara is a sought-after keynote speaker on the subject of burnout and has been invited to speak at organisations such as Google, Box and European Women in Tech.

Her book Softer Success: Prevent Burnout, Find Balance and Re-Define Your Success, published in 2019 is available via Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble.