Managing risk

Managing risk

International Child Care College
Updated Nov 12, 2019

Course Overview

Risk management is one of the most effective ways to keep the workplace safe for everyone. In family day care it is particularly important to have good systems in place to identify and manage risk. This will not only help protect the children in your care from injury but will also provide you with a safer workplace and reduce your risk of injury while you are working.

In this module you’ll review your legal requirements in relation to risk management. You’ll also learn about some common hazards and risks in the family day care environment. You’ll work through each of the steps in the risk management process and finally you’ll learn about why it is so important to document and review your risk management processes.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for family day care (FDC) educators who are currently studying for their CIII or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and support or who are seeking professional development.

The course is also suitable for larger organisations wanting to provide holistic professional development for staff members.

Learning Objectives

  • Legal requirements relating to risk management
  • Risks commonly found in the family day care environment
  • Steps in the risk management process
  • why it's important to document and review your risk management processes

    Business Outcomes

    The course provides practical tips as well as theoretical knowledge so that you can put the information you know into practice in your family day care service. For larger organisations the courses can provide a holistic approach to providing continuing professional development.