Managing Remote Teams INCLUSIVELY 14: Engaging the introverts and the extroverts

Managing Remote Teams INCLUSIVELY 14: Engaging the introverts and the extroverts

Learn how to make your team feel included and how to manage remote teams.

Updated May 14, 2020

Managing remote teams inclusively is HARD. Creating a sense of BELONGING when the team is remote is different and URGENT right now!

As global experts in diversity and inclusion, we are obsessed at Emberin, with getting you a real result. We have worked with over 10,000 leaders on the HOW of inclusion for the last 15 years. Managing remote teams INCLUSIVELY presents a unique challenge. We have created a series of fun example scenarios in short videos. The scenarios will give you ideas and help you with the practical ‘how’ of managing remote teams inclusively.

In this scenario we see the lack of understanding between introverts and extroverts. An extroverted leader and team don’t understand the way Kanya works. She is a shy young team member who finds their new remote team activities a little outside her comfort zone. Sophie, the manager of the team is coached by her introverted manager Sachin – and he is quick to understand where the misunderstanding is coming from: it’s all about managing style difference!

The objective of all of our learning bites is for you to build your INCLUSIVE LEADER toolkit. We know that this happens not by understanding the theory – but what it actually looks like in practice. We want to share ideas of the practical application of inclusive leadership principles so that you can go and try those ideas out in practice and experiment….because that’s how you really become a more inclusive leader!