Manage Hygiene Boundaries - Interactive

Manage Hygiene Boundaries - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 01, 2020

Manage Hygiene Boundaries is a timely and engaging course for everyone to establish rules for hygiene and best practice in staying healthy and ensuring social distancing, especially during a pandemic. The Cutting Edge team learns that everyone needs to be aware of their own hygiene boundaries and learn basic skills to be able to tell others when they have crossed those boundaries. We all need to feel safe and comfortable, and be able to focus on productive work. Shared and agreed rules for the team are therefore essential. Honest, respectful and sensitive feedback can help to change habits and improve hygiene. Learn to manage hygiene boundaries by being aware of your hygiene impact, being sensitive and direct when giving feedback, and managing personal boundaries.

Learning objectives

Learn to manage hygiene boundaries

  • Don’t ignore personal space issues INSTEAD: be aware of your hygiene impact
  • Don’t be vague or joke INSTEAD: Be sensitive and direct
  • Don’t expect everyone to know INSTEAD: Agree on safety hygiene rules
  • Don’t leave issues unresolved INSTEAD: Manage personal boundaries