Love, Lies and Exaggeration

Love, Lies and Exaggeration

Seven Dimensions
Updated Nov 13, 2019

Love, Lies and Exaggeration provides an understanding of how people sometimes lie for a reason and will exaggerate to enhance their prestige in the eyes of others. In this course, psychologist Eve Ash talks to Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor at University of California, Irvine, a cognitive psychologist and expert on human memory, psychology and law about the conditions that lead people to lie. This course provides insights into love, lies and exaggeration, guilt, illness and acceptance. People having secret affairs tell lies; this was the situation for Eve Ash’s mother who lied for years about Eve’s biological father. Eve’s subsequent investigation revealed the truth.

Key Learning Points

  • Examine how people often lie for a reason
  • Identify a range of lies from white lies to more serious lies
  • Examine how people exaggerate to make themselves look better
  • Contrast different ways people are impacted by lying
  • Identify how some get sick lying, whilst others conceal a situation’s truth for the rest of their lives
  • Examine how for some, living with a lie might not be stressful