Listening Actively - Interactive

Listening Actively - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 01, 2020

Too many people are so busy talking. They have forgotten the art of listening. This entertaining interactive course will provide an excellent opportunity for users to build and develop their communication skills required at work.

The team at Cutting Edge provide a humoros approach to learning some listening skills. Carol tells Marcus he is not listening to her, so after agreeing to listen, Marcus is inspired to run a listening session with the team. Listening skills are lacking. Carol offers some facts about listening and communication, and they attempt to explore empathic listening skills.

Carol offers some facts about listening and communication while Sam interrupts and talks over her while correcting the facts. The training session shows how people are talking at each other. The lack of genuine ‘active’ listening means most of the team end up annoyed with each other.

Key Learning Points

  • Don’t talk over the top of someone INSTEAD: Listen and show interest
  • Don’t tune out INSTEAD: Acknowledge key points
  • Don’t force a person to listen INSTEAD: Agree to listen to each other
  • Don’t ignore body language INSTEAD: Read reactions to your words

Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown starring Emmy-award winning Kim Estes. A powerful training series follows several characters through a landscape of social faux pas insult and embarrassment. This series will amaze and entertrain covering important lessons in human interaction motivation leadership service unprofessional behavior apologizing negotiating stress difficult people among many other workplace hot button issues. This Australian produced series was filmed on location in Los Angeles.