Linux (Part 5 of 5): VIM and Permissions

Linux (Part 5 of 5): VIM and Permissions

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Updated Feb 04, 2020

Learn how to use VIM, one of the most universal text editors on the market. Whether you’re an administrator or a developer, learn how to customize VIM to best suit your needs. Discover how to manage passwords and complete security checks with the shadow password management system. Explore advanced permissions to be able to update users, set permissions on files and directories, and keep your Linux system organized.

Lesson 1:

  • VIM
  • Vim Key Shortcuts
  • Demo: Navigating Vim
  • Demo: More Navigation
  • Demo: Editing in Vim
  • Demo: More Editing.

Lesson 2:

  • Demo: General Config
  • Demo: Syntax and Mapleader
  • Demo: Customization Settings
  • Demo: Folds, Completion, and Scrolling
  • Demo: Search
  • Demo: Mapleader.

Lesson 3:

  • Advanced Permissions
  • SUID Bit
  • Sticky Bit
  • Viewing Ownership
  • Demo: Setting Permissions.

Lesson 4:

  • Shadow
  • Password Management
  • Demo: Password Management.