Level and Listening with an Open Mind

Level and Listening with an Open Mind

Seven Dimensions
Updated Dec 30, 2019

Colin McLaren briefs Eve Ash about the importance of listening and having an open mind, being flexible but pursuing a goal (the truth) and remaining calm and dispassionate. 

Course Overview 

When interviewing, it’s important to prepare questions but listen to responses with an open mind. Colin McLaren discusses the art of being methodical yet flexible in questioning, learning to hear both the interviewee’s response and anticipate the upcoming questions. He stresses the necessity of keep the interview tone low key (monotone) with plain body language, allowing a half smile or nod on occasion. Irrespective of what the answers are, the interviewer must retain an open mind, and not be selective about information that doesn’t “fit” his/her big picture. 

Key Learning Points 

Effective interviewers conducting an investigation: 

  • Prepare questions but listen with an open mind 

  • Are flexible in their questioning (depending on what the other person says) 

  • Attend to both the interviewee’s answers and their next questions  

  • Uses calm tone and plain body language (a half smile of acknowledgement is okay) 

  • Remain methodical in the interview approach (always pursuing their goal) 

  • Keep an open mind (you are seeking the truth, not pursuing a personal agenda) 

Interviewer: Eve Ash 

Interviewee: Colin McLaren