Legionella and Legionnaire’s Disease Awareness

Legionella and Legionnaire’s Disease Awareness

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Updated Aug 21, 2019

Course Overview

This is an engaging course about the risks of the Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ disease, and how to reduce these. If you work in any environment where water is used or stored, you’ll want to take this course to understand the risks of Legionella and how to prevent them.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at employers, employees, landlords, business owners and everyone responsible for an environment where Legionella may present a risk, including all professionals working in health, education and social care.

This course is also suitable for home owners, parents, carers, people working in the sports and leisure industry, event organisers, fire fighters, manufacturers and suppliers, gardeners and anyone who may find themselves working in, around and with water.

Learning Objectives

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • What the Legionella bacterium is and how it causes Legionnaires’ disease
  • How and where the Legionella bacteria grow and spread
  • Who can contract Legionnaires’ disease and what the symptoms are
  • How Legionnaires’ is diagnosed and treated
  • The legislation surrounding the management, control, and prevention of Legionella bacteria