Learn to Draw: Interiors

Learn to Draw: Interiors

Creative Live
Updated Mar 15, 2019

Join instructor and professional painter, Amy Wynne, as she teaches this introduction to drawing interiors. She’ll show you how to use 1 and 2-point perspective to draw believable spaces.  She will cover creating interesting compositions as well as exploring a connection to place and building atmosphere with textural and tonal rendering.

In this class, Amy will cover:

  • Appreciating Interior Drawings
  • Basic 1PT Perspective: composing a strong image and applying concepts
  • Basic 2PT Perspective: composing a strong image and applying concepts
  • Creating depth and space
  • Understanding tonality and texture
  • Using natural vs artifical light

At the end of this course Amy will prompt you to try a drawing challenge! This series of drawings will help you motivate to draw every day and develop a creative habit - the best way to improve your drawings.

Amy has been teaching painting and drawing for over 20 years at colleges across New England including the Rhode Island School of Design.