Lean Six Sigma Principles

Lean Six Sigma Principles

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Updated Jul 02, 2019

In today’s fast-paced, globalized business world, competition among modern corporations is fierce. In this climate, every competitive edge matters, leading business professionals to continually explore new management tools, techniques, and leadership approaches.

But it may not be a new methodology that yields the best solution. As companies fine-tune their processes for optimal efficiency and work to maintain superior standards of quality, a combination of the tried and true Lean method and Six Sigma approach might just be the ticket for success.

The primary aim of the Lean method is to reduce waste. The goal of Six Sigma is to reduce variation for optimal quality control. The discipline known as Lean Six Sigma (LSS) blends these two approaches. Refinements to the production process are essential to managing and reducing the 8 wastes analyzed by the Lean method. By paying careful attention to how waste affects production processes (and vice versa), business leaders can take significant strides toward optimizing their operations.