Leadership Survival Kit

Leadership Survival Kit

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 14, 2019

Course Overview

Peter Quarry’s leadership survival kit contains the ability to know that not everything is unpredictable, to control what can be managed, find good people with whom to de-stress and debrief, the importance of staying healthy and taking regular breaks, conserving mental energy and ensuring you and your team have balanced lives. Engaging in regular exercise enables people to have lower anxiety and burnout.

In an uncertain chaotic world, leaders need a “survival kit” -  namely seeing what can be dealt with, staying realistic, knowing what works, good mentors and beneficial self-help practices.

Learning Objectives

Leaders need a survival kit containing:

  • The recognition that not everything is unpredictable
  • Preparedness to control what you can
  • The ability to debrief and destress with mentors
  • Good health and exercise habits
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Good work-life balance for themselves and their teams

Interviewer: Eve Ash
Interviewee: Peter Quarry