Leadership Skills for Women

Leadership Skills for Women

Updated Jun 08, 2020

Countless sources have documented the difficulties women face in reaching the top tiers of today's businesses. Women leaders face different expectations, norms, and realities—and are paid and promoted less. Creating an environment of "inclusive excellence," where both women and men can thrive, takes the right skills and strategy. This course is for anyone who wants to build a more equitable and collaborative culture at their organization, including women leaders and the men who work with them. Business professors, colleagues, and coaches discuss the common challenges that women in leadership face—including gender bias, communication barriers, and imposter syndrome—and introduce strategies to overcome them. Plus, get tips for championing women's leadership and becoming a strong ally.

Learning objective

  • Recognize the characteristics that describe how women’s brains work
  • Determine which strategy to take when trying to optimize time spent developing your skills
  • Identify the main strategies used to obtain useful feedback
  • Summarize the concept of a double bind.
  • List the top reasons why a woman would be a great negotiator.
  • Recall the characteristics of the developmental dilemma.
  • Identify facets of the leadership gap between men and women.
  • Recognize how to give and receive accurate, specific feedback.
  • Review strategies for building strong networks.
  • Explore ways to find sponsors and allies.
  • Review the principles of effective negotiation.
  • Identify and communicate your value to others.
  • Explore how to deal with maternal bias and harassment.